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CUA in concert on Saturday 21 st May at 8 pm . Tickets available at the door

Cua are a Laois based band with members John Davidson, Shane Booth and Ros O’Meara. They like to call themselves Atlantean by which they mean, “a kind of folk and roots style, encompassing our Celtic heritage and the influences of ancient music on later genres such as Jazz, Bluegrass, Appalachian, Americana, and a touch of psychedelic folk thrown in for good measure.” John Davidson has been involved with Global Trad Underground and spent some time in Nashville as a session musician playing and touring with bands such as The Mavericks, Abel Kane, Footloose, The Fields, Chad Wilson, The Space CowboysShane Booth plays guitar and provides vocals. His previous and current musical groups include his folk-rock groupCeolaire, Global Trad Underground, Rhiannon & The Face Collectors, Judith Mok and her Hamsa Ensemble, Shanakua, Rain Dogs. They have just released a new EP which we include below.

“We describe our work as being, for the most part, folk and world influenced.” says Shane. “We are a group of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who have trained in, and are inspired by, many aspects of the musical spectrum from jazz to classical, traditional to music therapy, bluegrass to a capella and the list goes on. We truly pride ourselves on our diversity and this is clearly evident from our live shows which also have subtle nods to many genres, whilst keeping a folk, world, roots and traditional through line as well as a strong emphasis on vocals.”

All three have played together since childhood with their paths crossing many times over the last decade, collaborating and writing under different guises. A mutual love of folk and acoustic music brought them together. A chance encounter with a promoter led to a couple of support shows for Andy Irvine as a 3-piece.

As an example of their world influences The Gimp and the Anvil which appears on the EP came about after a meeting they had with a few Turkish musicians. This led to them embracing their musical culture and integrating it into their own music

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